Anne and Olaf in China


Happy new year

We recently celebrated the Chinese new year, and received many greeting from Chinese friends, I am sure they mean something nice (sorry only German...):

Heute ist Silvester Wiedervereinigung Nacht, ich gebe Dir den Segen von Freunden und Familie. Ma begann Segen bieten. Ratte Geld Finish! Als starke Kuh! Tiger! Kaninchen Air Augenbrauen! KENNER! Schlangen haben zu konsumieren! Madaochenggong! Yangyangdeyi! Affe auf sein! Huhn kann nicht verlieren! Hunde wie! Sie Sie Glueck Schwein! Empfang von Glueck das ganze Jahr. Neue Rich-Wuensche: Silvester schnell.



Work impressions


My office desk, luckliy I recently spent most of my time with more interesting things than sitting here and write:

Soil sampling

Proud soil sampler

For the experiment of our north korean student we took about 3 tons of soil.


Buying tree seedlings

Bought 1008 tree seedlings, washed their roots to remove the soil and planted them into pots.


Many trees

Now we have to keep them alive for 6 months.

Details on Olaf's work will follow soon!


Since 6 months in China

Dear friends,

We are in China now since a while and I would like to start sharing some impressions of our life in Kunming with you:


Beginning of October, China celebrated its national day, everybody was travelling and so were we; but in contrast to the majority of people we chose a remote area north of Kunming for cycling and camping instead of tourist hot spots. We and our bikes took a bus heading 200 km north of Kunming to the beautiful Hongtudi region, famous for its terraced red soils.

Nothing is impossible, our bikes in the bus Hongtudi landscape

The first day welcomed us with sunshine and nices views. While setting up the tent on our first wild camping spot we were discussing where we will have the best view of the sunrise for breakfast, then we fell asleep early enjoying the complete silence around us until the rain started... It rained all night and our new tent turned out to be not 100% rain proof. The rain continued and we went on cycling only guessing that the mountain scenery hidden in clouds is amazing.

Looking for a suitable camping spot Where will the sun rise?

After drying the tent in a hotel room in the second night, the next morning welcomed us with more rain and a cow that was slaughtered in front of our window.


The dry equipment motivated to look for another nice camping spot in night number 3 and we found it; with view into a deep valley, a small village opposite to us, on top of the highest mountain a temple. A few minutes after setting up the tent we heard a thunderstorm far away but slowly coming closer and unfortunately choosing our peaceful valley to pass through. 

Nature is claiming back an old house Before the thunderstrom

Nevertheless, a great trip, we will come back in the dry season!



Bald geht es los

Dies ist der erste Eintrag in meinem neuen Blog. In Zukunft werde ich hier über meine Erlebnisse im Ausland berichten.